Is there any unsocial reason for relations?


              I had sat on trunk of the Peepal tree. Worn-out with the day’s journey sun was about to have a break, was having bath in the colours of evening twilight. New born leaves of Peepal were playing role in the rustling. With pleasant wind pieces of melodious music were blowing. I was waiting for her since ages. I was utterly missing her. I badly needed her. Does it mean that she has become my habit? But how can this be possible? Now and again axis and angles of my thinking are shifted and I got engrossed in the wilderness to meditate on the realities of human relations. I persistently think what is the basis of relation? Reasoning, logic and need? What should be the unconditional reason of continuity and establishment? Is there any unsocial reason for relations? Who? And in which stage of…

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