Favors & Feelings

Favors, a word we all might have heard in the Mafia movies. Something we always wanted for ourselves the mafias to get them en-cashed in kind when required. In a world where it is not books and movies, we are not the mafia. Rather than collecting favors for ourselves we end up asking people for them. Are they the right people to ask? The answer to this will be known to each of us only when time comes.

Favors and Feelings relate to each other that too inversely proportional. When one asks for a favor, they usually get desperate to get out of a situation. Or, they might be considering the other person a well-wisher. Lastly, not ruling out the fact of someone taking advantage of the other one’s feelings. Yes, you read it right or maybe I phrased it wrong.

Moving on, Feelings I feel, ironically, play a major part in the game of favours. Now, let us not blame the person who is asking a favour, the way one usually thinks. There is an obvious other side, where the person who is doing you a favour can sometimes feel or demand things calling in the favour which they once owed you.

Is this fair? Well, I never knew a fair life. Is this correct? Well, we do not live in a fair.

The reason for this blog to be written was one of my own experiences. A desperate person looking for a path, end up at a person ‘s door who has a sense of direction. Upon telling him the address, the person did point me towards a road. I started walking down the road, trusting the person who told me the address. Did I reach my destination, I am still walking? I think he told me the longer routine (kidding)? But I learnt one thing, after asking for this favour, there were some unsaid expectations set about me. Suddenly, I was to give my world to him. I wondered why? I was to keep him loop about everything. I wondered why? So this way the wheel of expectations from his end started because I requested him to help me as he was in a position to provide me with a little help.

I have always known, and I also believe, that life is never fair. The rules of the game called life keeps changing. In this ever-changing game, there should be rules of humanity which everyone needs to follow. High expectations from everyone I know.

I do not know how to end up this write-up. All I feel is that people taking advantage of a desperate person in the name of feelings is not at all fair. It is even more hurting when it comes from trust-worthy person. It gives us a slap from reality of the world in which we live. Requesting help these days is as costly as an EMI. An EMI is affordable, but the cost of owing someone a favor might be expensive EMI. The interest may not be worth the price of the favor.

Finding Self Worth

We all reach a point of saturation in our life. We might be in a relationship, off one, single, separated, divorced, complicated and so on. The list of status has always been unending and complicated. In that saturation point we often find ourselves in the in an abyss wherein we locked ourselves into a room with closed doors. We are in a locked mindset where no road seems to go nowhere, but we come back to the very place we began every time we start to move somewhere.


Often, we require time to think and jump start things around us. we wish to have different people around us, a different life around us. What we need, what we want and what we have all become blurred. Understanding things, places, people, goals, life seems like a tedious task. We feel like we are living a life which we never chose.


Seeing us struggle like this, the loved ones keep giving positive notes, advises, quotes, these are usually the things we do not need. we all are just seeking a direction to go with at that point of time. You explain this to people, but the more we explain, the more complicated it gets for them. Seeking rather professional help, in this country is looked upon disdainfully. The only thing others can picture, is an asylum.


In such scenario how does one try to get help when one has lost his own self-worth. We start feeling so unimportant about our own selves, we keep pushing each day forward. We almost give upon ourselves, we reach to such a void, now that void feel comforting. We as humans, rarely try to move out of our comfort zone. Best feeling in this world is when we are sleeping. We go numb, no feelings, no goals, no life just drifting around and like a soulless ghost.


Is it easy to find what you are looking for? is it easy to even understand what we are looking for? is it easy to know that we need to look for something which will help us look forward. Moving on from darkness to light seems like walking a long tunnel not knowing where it will end.


Currently, I am walking in a similar long, dark tunnel not knowing where it will lead to. I am scared to find another close door, after closing the door before this one, knowing never to open it again. It is a walk, indeed a long one, a lonely one as well. The journey is only for me to complete, no one can help, no one can walk it for me. After thinking a lot, I decided to move myself from the dark locked room where I was to some place where there’s is a little light to see the things around me. So far, have not reached anywhere, I have not found any goal. I decided to just walk in a direction I see where the road leads.


Was it decision I took boldly, no. I have my fears, apprehension, questions, aggravation and all. But it’s a start. I will let you know once I reach somewhere, I might stay there for a while, just to figure out if I like that place. If the answer is yes, then the next step is to find myself a goal or a future or a life. If I did not like the place, then I will not feel much bad or not reminiscent too much about it as I have already decided to keep moving until I find my heaven or what I might like my heaven to be.


Until then, you all take care and stay blessed.

The Business of Religion


A big controversial topic which might not even go well with the people. This is a topic which people might come back to me saying that this should not have been touched. Please consider this just a few words of mine drafted in a string on a page. Call them thoughts call them phrase.


I had been to visit Tirupati a few months back. The preparations for the trip and its booking started some 4 four months prior to the trip. There are many reservations which we must get done to just visit the temple. There was a time when temples were always open to all. Now we must make bookings for the same for every kind.


Like the real life, we have reservation classes train class, flight class, reservation quota etc. Now even for temples which is the very base of our culture has classes like Savra Darshan (normal visitation), Special Darshan (special visitation). Then you have the VIP and Super VIP as well.


In a culture like India where religion has too much influence on the population there should be a standard set or the sense of equality to prevail. Some places the reservations should not be considered. When people come over from all the places to obtain blessings and to attain inner peace and a way to progress, the demarcation of the crowd depending upon their source of meals do not matter.


Maybe if we just respect the feelings, the desperation of the desperate that would help the cause in a better way. When I say all this, I am honestly being a hypocrite, as I would prefer the earliest getaway possible.


However, the only thing I would like to change would be the moments given to a person to look at the idol for a while at least until the charge paid to you is refunded in terms of mental peace and satisfaction of seeing and being with the idol for a while.


via Daily Prompt: Imagination


There he used to have his world. He lived there. That for him was his own world. He had a family, the love of his life and their little one. They were safe there, untouched by everyone. It was his heaven. Apart from his world he also had the other people who used to come & visit him often. It was a rare scenario that he let the other outsiders meet his family. After all, being a spy, he knew that anyone could be his enemy. Cherishing what mattered was the only thing he always knew.


There is this one day he will always remember, when the others had almost reached his paradise and tried to destroy it. It is a usually, breezy evening, when they decided to have a barbeque for themselves. They were busy preparing and setting up the table. It was almost 2 years today they had a day to themselves. Before this, he was posted in Iran for 3 years. These 3 years were difficult for all the three of them. The lines of communication being stringent there was not much they could so about it. However, they all still thrived.


Today, they were all here together, at this table with each other. This did matter. It always will for him. The others were waiting patiently in the shades, keeping an eye open towards them. Looking out for a perfect opportunity to strike him. They had clear instructions to leave the family alone unless the situation demanded. This kind of scenarios were tricky and unpredictable. The instructions were crystal clear, to finish the target with little damage and to leave the family alone. They all did have an unwritten contract to not touch the family after all. The wait continued, till they found the perfect time to go in and finish the job.


Approximately, in an hour, they started making their way into the house. The house was now quiet, as the family had settled down in the backyard to have their lunch. As predicted, the spy’s gun was on the holster which was now in the now sitting in the living room. They waited for them to finish and come inside. After all, if they shot him outside in the backyard, someone might witness it.


He knew that a car was always present outside his home. Earlier, he began suspecting that someone was outgo get him, however, after complete 3 weeks of surveillance. He decided that it was given for his own protection and started ignoring it. The lunch was amazing, with their daughter squealing and laughing in between them. This was the dream which helped him get through the tough times in Iran. The possibility of them being together in future, kept him going. His wife asked for a refill for her favorite white wine and decided to get it for them. She walked into the curtains towards the kitchen. It was almost 10 mins she yet had not come out, he felt an uncomfortable nagging about the same. The surveillance car today seemed to be in communication with someone else today. This did not seem right to him, something was not right yet he could not place a finger on it.

He thought to check on his wife, the moment he was near the kitchen, he found a pool of blood. He started to look for his gun, when he saw some movement in the periphery vision. He immediately took cover behind the sofa and screamed for his daughter to run. After that, all he remembers was bullets raining with his daughter’s painful scream in his ears and nothing more.


He woke up, sweating profusely, screaming for help. The doctors rushed him to put to sleep after dosing him with anesthesia. The psychiatrists tried to bring him out from his imagination where he had a family which now he believes is dead. But, he was just a boy of 13 created a world in his mind from which he refused to come out.

Diabolical Circle of Expectation

There is a dialog in ‘Friends’, where Joey says to Phoebe “There is no Act which is a Selfless Act”. At that point of time we must have not given it much of a thought. But now when sitting in peace with all the chaos around, these words make sense. But these words started ringing yesterday again when I was talking with my best friend over a call. She was spiraling in the tornado of expectations not fulfilled by someone.

This is something we all go through probably even on daily basis. We set expectations from everyone & everything. Our cell phone to work properly, at least remain charged the entire day. Expectation of the day to go as planned, expectations to not get stuck in traffic and so on. I think you must have got a fair idea, but here begins the vicious circle of expectations.

Why do we expect? Is it okay to expect? Should we even expect? I remember a quote from Bhagwat Gita wherein it says “Karam kar phal ki apeksha mat kar” which ideally means, ‘Keep working or doing your duties, without expecting any returns’. Is it possible? Is it correct? Is this how life should be lived? There is no wrong or right in this? There is neither any correct answer for this question.

There is a pattern to all of this, we do then we expect returns. Many of you would disagree, but somewhere when we give we do expect something in return. Its a circle and soon without us realizing it becomes a circle in which we keep spinning till our end. This non stop spin makes us dizzy and delirious. This is a pattern, a very common pattern. Unless we don’t break this, we will be like ‘Abhimanyu’ who was stuck in the Chakravyu. I am not suggesting to stop helping others, but yes help them within a reasonable amount. We do not have to bend or kill ourselves for others. When we go overboard that is when the expectations from others start creeping in.

What we fail to realize is that we are burdened with our own expectations. We put ourselves in misery, when we assume that the other person is responsible for our happiness. We give them the control for our happiness when it is solely in our hands. Why do we do it? We never knew that our happiness is in our hands and not others. Our ignorance regarding this has made us miserable.

The day we let go of expecting from people, stop giving them the power to know that we expect something from them. That will be the very day your happiness will be in your hands. This is not easy, not easily applicable and certainly not a day’s job. We have to work on this over and over again. We will get back to the old pattern of doing things for people and then assuming that they owe you a favor and will return when you expect. The life is not a Godfather movie. We need to get real, need to understand the amount of dependencies we really have on people. We need to learn to recognize real people and not take them on face value.

This all will take a little time. But we need to be patient with ourselves. We cannot blame ourselves for making mistakes. Learn to break the pattern which hold us back. Embrace a new & positive life. Accept that we only need to expect from ourselves. Rest all will fall in place like the puzzle. A beautiful puzzle. 🙂

A Good Book

He is being inquisitive about her he further asked, ‘What are your hobbies?’. She replied, ‘Reading Books’.

Many unknown conversations start like this. The connection which we feel with the books is be totally different. The silent quotes which we later realize while talking to someone were read somewhere. Books, this is a parallel universe where we escape from the present reality. The escape to be someone else. A Vampire, a Princess, a Frog, a Secret Agent etc. The romance which we might not have in real, the books make them alive for us. It is there we can make a universe which we want to live.

We all relate to books, some prefer Kindle while some still prefer the page books, where they can feel the pages, smell the pages, read the words on them. There was a time when the books where not affordable, buying a book or a comic could cost us a week’s saving. These old books when bought from the second-hand library the best were the notes scribbled on them. A story of its own between a story. We can imagine so many things about the people who might have written it.

Being an avid reader myself, I am usually asked regarding my favorite book. I earlier used to give the name of the book whichever I was reading at that point of time. But in real a good book would be the one which remains with you for a long time. A book which you will somewhere in future read again. A book every time we re-read we find something new in it.

It’s Just a Matter of Love

Running away from people and keeping yourself away from them is very easy. Be rude or unresponsive people just walk away assuming that either your dead or in deep sleep. But it’s these very own people who teach us harsh lessons that leave scars imprinted on us always. He too was tired with the ways of the world. Just living in hiding buried in work. She got busy fighting her own life. Needed to reach a goal which was unlikely but she had set her mind. Their paths crossed in very odd ways. The parents came first then followed the rest.

He was someone who could influence you with his presence while she was someone who made a presence with a hint of influence. They seemed more like competitors rather than mates; each of them thinking that they were pushing each other further away. They were playing the game of chess never realizing they were similar in many ways. How did things start? That’s interesting because the wheel of destiny just churned them in. Round and round it all begin.

It started with a missed call which she thought now went wrong. Early rays of the sun on a weekend, she never even is up this early on any day. She saw the missed called and knew who it was from. In a panic, she freshened up and hit the call-back button. The voice on the other end was baritone yet a pleasure to the ear. She wasn’t sure what went wrong when he told her that the call was a mistake made in the early hours. She pretended that it didn’t matter, although somewhere deep within her yes it bothered.

A few days passed away with silence as he told her that he would be busy until no end. She knew that he had forgotten her as she thought wasn’t beautiful or intelligent of any kinds. She never knew how wrong she was about her until the day he told her what he had seen in her.

The wait for his call seemed endless. She quit waiting as it was always the days passing made it clearer that waiting never seemed to end & when it did; it was just another dead end. Giving up the hopes she moved on her life, thinking of a reason the call was less than 5 seconds.

Just being busy one day, she heard her phone ring. It was the shock of her life to see his name flashing on it. She answered the call, but he didn’t seem keen to talk. She called back assuming the networks game was up. He gave the same reply saying that it was a call made by mistake after all. She couldn’t realize how the phone ended up dialing her while he remained this aloof. Often she wondered what her destiny is really trying to tell her.

The days went on soon it became weeks she just got tired and left him in heat, Her usual day at the office had ended a little late. On her way back, her phone flashed his name. Answering the nerve wrecking ring; without a hello she declared to him that it’s his phone again that’s made the mistake. This time it was different, though, he said a hello and laughed at her reply. He must never have expected her to say this because he didn’t know how blunt she could be. A brief conversation took place between them once the snide pleasantries were done. She reached home as usual but never realizes the time. He did keep her busy all that time. Later at night she wondered what was he made of. He runs away from her giving her reasons then comes back to her without any reason. For the first time, she felt a little hope for the unknown connection.

Time flew as if it was in a hurry, he again became silent and she began to worry. She never knew what went wrong. She beat herself up recalling the conversation over and over again. Not finding a fault in anything ever shared between them. Her family used to ask her about him. She never had any answers to begin with. She told about the silence, they just assumed that she wasn’t giving in. She was told to take it forward, she never knew where was it stuck and where she should fire. The time went on, she couldn’t forget him. She wanted him to say a clear no instead of the silence which he was giving. Words mattered to her; words gave her the necessary final closure.

It was just a bad day. Being her special no one made it special to celebrate it for her in any way. The day dragged on. She realized that she gave so much to people that when it came to giving her back there just wasn’t anyone around her. The day ended in a mess. She thought that life couldn’t be worse so she thought to even listen to his ‘No’ today. She is someone who always looked after leaping; sent a text in order to end everything and all. She thought that this would make him say No easily putting the blame on her the way many did. She would’ve taken the blame for him. She never wondered even for a bit why she would want to do such a thing. She thought that she had to protect him for whatever she felt for him even in that briefest moment. She did the worst deed and waited for something beyond worse. She seemed desperate indeed. What he said next was a shock to her. There was no denial and a ‘Hi. How are you?’ as an answer. She thought that she read the message wrong or probably he had not read it at all.

The conversation flowed naturally as if he was just waiting for me to explode. The conversations now ended at night with a promise to see her soon the next night. He did text her the other day, but she was still angry because she needed an answer to his silence for all the previous days. She knew that she’ll ask him that eventually or probably he would tell that soon in order to keep this harmony. The days flowed so did the conversations from the day they began to till the night and beyond. So this started with a new story. I will tell you all the same soonest as the pages turn for newer stories.

Woman’s Day

‘Wo’Man, I am purposefully saying it this way, to deliberately sound like a feminist… (I am just kidding). The Word Woman has many perceptions and assumptions built around it. Presumptions are not limited to Men alone, they are from the same gender as well. When we say a Wo-Man specially on Woman’s Day; it sounds like Wonder Woman on such occasions. It might be true it might be not, this is and always be debatable.

Since Vedic ages, each of our cultures have Goddesses in them who have played vital roles in developing civilizations, continuing the tradition until today. We are witnesses of this world, watching women excel in leadership in roles in most prominent fields like Defence, Foreign Relationships, Arts & Literature, Medical and much more.

Here today I stand in front of you, to represent Woman and to put forward my life in front of you. This I do not know will help me today or not. However, this hopefully should help the future generations where hopefully equality will prosper.

Women are often portrayed either Strong or Weak or a Mother, a Sister, a Friend, a Girlfriend, Wife and much more. But instead of all this could we just consider her a Human for a while. Just not wander off to conclusions and mark territories or lines of demarcations for her. Define her role within her own Life, Office, Home and many other places. 

No matter what age, role, responsibility they play in today’s time, the fact remains that they are still invisible in this world. Their contributions are recognized only of those special days. Their existence is appreciated only in terms to be spoken in some speech, by someone, someday.

I am not here to claim, dictate or preach anything about how we are treated, what should be done, what can be done, if I even want to be noticed or just disappear into the crowd. I stand here just to say that I am a human after all. No matter what happens tomorrow or any other day I exist for myself and those alike me. I strive for myself and those alike me. I do not ask for permissions, freedom, space and all. All I request you is to take a step back and let me breathe and just be me. A woman that I am, let me learn to cherish myself first. Only then, maybe then, I would expect the same from the world. Hopefully someday, no woman in the future would have to take a stand in front of everyone to define herself and seek permission to be just herself and nothing more or nothing less.

The Husbandless Bride


Marriages are a costly affair specially in India. Other than the Bride & the Groom everyone else is involved with much more enthusiasm. This enthusiasm cost a heavy price specially when things do not work out.


As per general traditions, I was also married to someone the family found. Like every typical arranged marriage, things went ahead We met, we liked each other, thought that we might make a good couple and moved on taking the next step. Then finally came the D-day and soon the grand affair was over. Over the next year we realized that we could not see anything eye-to-eye and hence as most of the marriages these days, he called it quits and I had not much choice here and I moved back. This story is not a sob story of what the break up. It is more on what happens next.


When a girl gets married she gets all the rights that a married woman has, attending Puja’s, she would be invited into different functions and would be given certain amount of respect. People start noticing her as soon as she is married, for the first years she would be a part of all the family get together, all the small events and the various puja’s and fasts and so on. There is a lot many rituals that come across her way when the Mangalsutra is worn by her.


Now a days, being into the marriage, finding someone who would accept you the way you are, not trying to change you for their betterment or for your worse is impossible. ‘Divorce’ now a days is more than common. People have lost the will to be not give up easily. Six months and plans are hatched to get rid of the other one. Maybe the generation is moving to fast & in a blur to realize  what one might miss ahead. In all of this what happens of the bride who was accepted and given rights for all the rituals and now suddenly she has been revoked of all the rights because the ‘Divorce’ came into the picture. There is already a change in the bride’s life trying to scope up with the recent & new expectations and Demands. When one day things start to fall rapidly even before one can understand the waves of change come in & made her the Bride without a Husband.


The outlook of the people changed. The very same people who treated her like a Goddess now ignore her like a widow, The rituals are not for her anymore, the respect will not come her way anymore. The whispers behind her back are carried by the winds to her ears, making her doubt her very own existence. In such a scenario, where she has a husband who no longer says that she is his, who is very much alive, who she thinks of everyday, how is she to take the tides of Change again? We as a society have not changed at all. Living in the 21st century holding onto values of the ancient is only making life more than difficult than what it actually it should be. The respect for the fallen one is needed after all, the journey of restarting everything all over again is more than painful.


This is something we all need to think about on many levels. Maybe a change in a thought will make a huge change in someone’s life in the future.

Without Me

Without Me

I heard my Heart scream in Protest

Against the break which it felt

I tried to not feel the pain

I tried taking the pain away

It was determined to stay

Refusing to budge or Sway

Watching you walk away

Seeing my Life walk away

I tried taking the pain away

Without you in my Life

I knew that I would never be the same again

The Joys you gave also refused to stay

Walking behind you instead

I tried taking the pain away

Let me Hug one last time

Give you all that I had called Mine

Hoping that it maybe all I can give

Happiness it is nothing else at all

This is the last gift of remembrance of me

Wishing you nothing but Happiness

In the Life you would live

Without Me



The Walk of Life

Seems so Lonely

The Want of Me

Will seem Only

Your Thirst for this Mirage

Made you walk Miles

Beware Though

It’s a Mirage, might be Lies

I may not be; what I seem to be

A Heartbroken One

Who gave you the Sharpest Piece

Watching you Bleed Sanding Alone

Mind says Run

Heart says Don’t Leave Him Alone



No More Waking Up For School

Every morning Mother don’t wake me up
The school seems boring while I can play here once I’m up
I told the morning to stay away
For I wished to snuggle & lie in my bed
Just lie till noon
Trouble Mother till the afternoon
Pay heart filled till the evening
Run inti Father’s arms; once the evening comes bringing him along
This is all I want my life to be
No more school or waking up in the morning, please

Today morning Mother again woke me up
I rushed get to go away; I complained to her a lot
She got me ready in a hurry
She packed my bag with a Kiss and a Pat
Got onto my bus which is always in a rush
I forgot to say her Goodbye
Then u thought to say her a Hi
When I get back; why the need to cry

Never did we know
This was my last Goodbye
Had I realized; I would’ve never said goodbye
I would’ve cried
I would’ve stayed with her
Till my tears were dry
Keeping her arms around me
Feeling the Warmth
Not letting her go by

The routine began; suddenly changed
When we heard the fireworks
Then we felt the pain
Saw the blood trickling on the floor
Coming towards us to grab us & more
Everyone ran; I should’ve ran too
Nowhere to go since there was no way to show
I felt something
I didn’t realize it was pain
Before I realized how it felt
I unfelt everything again

The tiffin’s just lay, so did the bags
Shoe remained there painted wild and red
We all seem asleep everywhere
Now no more waking up for schools again

Mother needn’t rush every morning
Run behind me to finish the packing
I told the sun my final goodbye
For now I’m here
In my coffin cold dark dry
You and Father don’t come by
I can’t stop the flowing tears
Even if I try
Now this coffin is all I have

Now no more waking up for school





It was just a usual weekday morning where I was at the dining table with my got cup of coffee and the morning newspaper. While going through the paper a headline caught my eye that a 27 year of was raped by the same Taxi Driver while she was on her way home after availing the cab service of the same provider. This was a very reputed cab company, but it had a record of such similar incident earlier as well. At reading it in a little more detail, it was pretty clear tar the company had failed to conduct the background checks for their hired employee. The girl had to pay the price of someone else’s irresponsibility. Her life is completely ruined.

Putting a little more thought into this scenario, it made me realize that the value of the girl’s life & her reputation is equal to nothing. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened neither would it be the last. But have we put a thought is to why is this happening? How is it possible, that the gender which is capable of bringing a new life to this very world has to fear for her own life at times? Is her life this expendable? Why is it that the girls have completely lost their respect& the value of their own existence? Where did this gender fail? Like the usual reasons, please do not even attempt to tell me that this happens because of the way the girls dress up & all. I find this argument not even worth a second of my thinking time.

I have a theory regarding the entire cliché. Knowing that my mind is a wanderer, it went all the way back well into the mythological era in hopes to get a clue of the beginning of the patriarchy revolution. I think this all became very prominent from the Ram Rajya, i.e. the Ramayana. You all would be like ‘WTF is she talking about’. But seriously, try and recall the entire Ramayana and then stop at the point where a lower class Dhobi (washer man) had asked the King (Ram) regarding the purity of his Queen (Sita). This doubt came into existence because she was abducted by Ravana and kept as a prisoner for quite some time (at least the time they finished constructing the bridge). I remember my childhood when my grandmother used to tell me Ramayana (mostly to keep me away from the Disney stories) I always used to wonder why would even one think about such a thing. How could someone else even think like this about a person knowing that they have come back after a huge fight? How does the physical part of the body has anything to do with purity? What happens about the person’s heart, feelings, the intimacy they shared? The biggest question which still remains unanswered is that Why didn’t she refuse?

Coming back to our Sita, she did stand firmly with her husband at all times. Please do not forget similar to Ram she was also from the royal family, a princess. She willingly spent all the years with Ram in his ‘Vanvas’. I agree that she got kidnapped and all, but they were just a series of unfortunately accidents which landed her into huge amount of trouble. But then her knight who wasn’t exactly a Knight in Shining Armor but rather a leader of monkey army did come and rescue her and took her to their rightful home. But what did she get after coming home, she was forced to give Agneepariksha to prove her purity. Which leads to my basic question, how to prove purity of a person? I never understood why Ram never defended Sita to the Dhobi. Didn’t she prove that she loved him in those 14 years? Wasn’t she the one who walked away leaving all the luxuries of the palace for a life with him? Let us for a say that he was forced to question her. She should’ve refused to give Agneeparisksha. Like she was alone in some other land so was he, making him also doubtful in her mind, although this thought never occurred to her.

I feel that when she accepted to give the Agneeparisksha she just made her gender the weaker one who would be again and again forcefully made to bend by the opposite gender. We would be forced into following the rules created by Men. I think if it weren’t for this incident Patriarchy would not have existed up to this extent and major population would have lived under the umbrella of equality. We all would be living in a different world where the Women/Girls would be treated with much more respect.

Hence I say that She Should Have Refused. It would have saved a lot of lives today.